After last weeks events and the weekend at Silverstone, I shouldn’t be that disappointed that I’ve put on weight this week.

Problem is that after last weeks events I’m still feeling quite lost and my head isn’t quite in Slimming World mode. I just want to eat.

I’ve walked past so many fast food restaurants and I’ve wanted to stop and have something to eat in every one of them. They’re all calling me in because I just don’t give a monkeys.

Silverstone was a great weekend. Some amazing racing cars, sights and sounds that I’d not experienced for the best part of a decade but it was full of bacon butties, burgers, bread and ice-cream.

I’d also promised myself a mini target. I was going to buy a T-Shirt that I could have as a reward when I lost enough weight to fit into it. Could I find anything larger than a XXL? Could I bugger. Thank you F1 for not thinking about us obese F1 Fans.

I had thought that the walking may have balanced the edibles out and that I would have least maintained this week. As it happens, I’ve put on 2lbs. 🙁 It’s been such a crappy week.

Despite her best effort, the consultant Jennie tried to remind me that 4 months ago I would never have even got to the circuit, let alone walk the 18 miles that I did. I realise that the effort over the last few months cannot go to waste now and whatever I’m feeling, I can’t let death pull me back down.

Onwards and upwards dear chums.

Weight 25st 4lbs
GAIN  2lb
Total 49.5lb
3st 7.5lb

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