Half a pound…

Half a pound? Half a bloody pound?

Half a pound left until I hit my four stone award! 🙂 This week, I’ve dropped another 6lbs. I told Jennie 5lbs last week. Beaten it by an extra 1lb. 🙂

Again, it’s a bit of a surprise how this happened. It’s welcome of course but I was feeling a bit bloated today so not sure what I’ve done this week any different to the last.

However this has now taken me down into the next Stone. Started in the 28st bracket and I’m now in the 24st bracket. Still utterly huge and there’s a lot more to go but I’m only 7.5lb away from getting half way to my initial target.

This week is going to be quite a good one and I hope for three lbs this next week. Then it’s off to the Steelhouse Festival where it all goes back on.

Weight 24st 12lbs
Loss  6lb
Total 55.5lb
3st 13.5lb

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