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Another weekend saw another outing to see a huge gig. This time, I ventured oop North to Halifax in that there Yorkshire. I was a guest on a local radio show, not chatting about my weight loss but about Rock and Metal music which I’m also a bit partial to.

I was also there to see an amazing band that were celebrating their 30th Anniversary. Paradise Lost are one of those bands that have a bit of a mystique about them. They’ve been about for all of those years and had never played their home town. They played one of the smallest venues I’ve ever been in and limited the tickets to just 150. It was such a privilege to see them and an experience I’ll never forget.

Anyway, as you may gather, the weekend included a lot of pubs. Pub grub, amazing Indian food and some delicious beer didn’t make for a great weekend on plan. 

So stepping on the scales of doom today, I had to close my eyes as I was sure there were x number of lbs on. As it happens, it was actually 1.5lbs off. 

I’m not entirely certain where that came from. I’ve been keeping a food diary for the last few days and trying to count the syns that I’ve been having. I’m hitting around 15-16 per day out of the 25 I’m allowed every day, there are clearly less calories going in.

So I was Slimmer of the Week and again Slimmer of the Month. I’ve now had 11 Slimmer of the Week certificates and Six Slimmer of the Month awards. I’m just half a lb off 5.5 stones and I hope I can blast through that barrier next week. 

Weight23st 5lbs
Loss1.5 lb
5st 6.5lb

I just hope the Sticky Toffee HiFi bars go out of stock soon cos I think next week will see me spending my wages on them. Delish!! 🙂

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