49 not out.

So, the weekend saw me turn 49. I’ve celebrated like I was 29 and I paid the price with a hangover like I’ve not had in ages. 

Of course with a hangover comes the “Urgh! Cooking!” conundrum. I reasoned that as it was my birthday and I’d been fairly good for the last six months that I didn’t have to cook. 

I ordered a banging Biryani from Just Eat. Oh my god, it was delicious and of course, someone else did the cooking. Sunday saw a visit to the local Beefeater and that was my weekend.

So when I stepped on the scales of doom at group this evening, I was pleasantly surprise to see that I’d lost half a pound. In a week that I thought that I’d have gained or maintained, it was nice to know that despite the weekend I can still lose a bit of weight.

So there’s another step towards six stone. I hope that this weekend will be good, despite another evening out on Saturday. If I can keep it together, I may be looking at my next stone down.

Weight23st 0.5lbs
5st 11lb

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