A Stunning Six

I set a target for my weight loss when I started this plan with Slimming World. I planned to lose 9 stone. If I’m honest and I usually am, I don’t think that I would ever have dreamed that 9 stone would be at all possible. It seemed as far off as the moon is and unreachable destination for a mere mortal like me.

I never believed that it would be possible for me to achieve the target that I set for myself. I doubted that I would ever lose one stone. I didn’t expect that just seven months later that I would report that I was two thirds of the way to achieving this target.

I had to work a late shift tonight so I didn’t get to go to my usual 7.30pm group. Luckily, the same consultant has a group at 9.30am so I went to weigh there. 

I’d been out for the evening the night before and had some nacho’s with cheese and sour cream, avacado and salsa so I again wasn’t expecting anything incredible. By the way, Sara Pascoe is a very funny woman. If you get the chance, go and see her! 

I stepped on the scales of doom and I’d lost 5.5lbs. I nearly fell off the scales. It told me that I was 22st 9lbs. That’s just insane. 

I hear that if you weigh in the morning then you do weigh slightly lighter than you do in the evening. It can be as much as 2lbs. I’m not sure how much truth there is in that but even if it was 2lbs, I’d still have lost enough to break the six stone mark.

Weight22st 9lbs
6st 2lb

Anyway, I was chuffed to (baked) beans about this and was so close to tears as I walked to get my bus. I had a hug from Jennie and a cheer from a room full of strangers when the girl doing the weigh shouted that I’d lost the six! The support from the group is all part of the success. That and the people who read the blog, comment and react on Facebook have all become part of my road to get the weight off.

Thank you all.

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