Sad face time.

It’s been a bit of a naff weigh in today. The scales of doom have registered a 4lb gain this week. It may have been slightly scuppered by my early weigh last week but it’s not right.

I know. I’m gutted by this, although it wasn’t unexpected. I need to take greater care with the food that I’m eating. This last week has been poor. My discipline has slipped and I need to gather it back for this week.

I am off to that there London for the weekend so that’s going to be a tricky one, although I envisage lots of walking so that may help. I also see a lot of beer and that may devastate my attempts at keeping on plan.

So I have slipped slightly back under the six stone mark. I do hope to get back on it and push forward an my target is to lose another stone by the New Year.

Weight22st 13lbs
GAIN 🙁4lb
5st 12lb

I’m going to try to log my food diary over the next couple of days to see where I can spot any trends that are pushing me back up. 

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