2018-10-29 Food Diary

Here’s my food diary for Sunday. 
I’m was still suffering with a bit of a cold so I think that the food optimising wasn’t really on my mind. Although I feel like I’ve had a better weekend than last weekend. (Food wise at least!)

2 x HiFi Bars – Free 
Healthy Extra

Roast Chicken,
Roast potato, carrot and Parsnip.
1 bag of Microwave Veg.
No gravy. – Free

Left over chicken
1 pack of fragrant rice – 1.5 syns
1 pack of microwave veg – Free

2 x Hifi Bars. 6 syns
1 x Hula Hoops Puft. – 3.5syns

Hot Chocolate Options. – 2 syns

13 / 25 Syns.

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