2018-10-31 Boood Diary.

Happy Halloween all. Has it been a scary day for you? I broke and had a couple of chocolate biscuits this afternoon. I know, frightening! 

I also discovered Cinnamon Sugar Free Coke today too. A limited edition flavour for Christmas. It’s rather delicious.

2 x HiFi Bars – Free 
Healthy Extra

Home Made Chilli – Free
1 x bag of frozen plain rice. – Free
1 x bag of mixed vegetables – Free

Rump steak, pan fried – No added oil or fat
Boiled Potato
Pack of microwaved mixed veg.
Tablespoon of lower than low Mayonaise. – 3 syns

1 x Hula Hoops Puft – 3.5 syns
2 x M&S Choccy Biscuits. – 6 syns (Guestimated)
1 x HiFi bar – 3 syns

2 x Pepsi Max – 330ml – Free
1 x Tea (Milk and Sweeteners) HEA
1 x 1.25l Sugar Free Coke (Cinnamon flavour).

15.5 / 25 Syns.

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