Yo Yo Yo…

Last week wasn’t really a shock when I put on 4lbs. I knew straight off that I hadn’t had a good week and it was going to take a miracle to pull it back this week. 

I’ve had a good week and as you can perhaps see by the Food diaries I’ve been keeping, I’m looking after the syns and getting as much free and speed food that I can.

So, the scales of doom this week registered a loss of 5lbs. So I’m back on track heading towards my next stone goal. I certainly hope to lose another stone by Christmas. 8 weeks or so to go. If I can average 2lbs a week then I should get there. 

I’d expect to put on over the festive season but 7 stone certainly looks doable before the season to get jolly hits. 

Weight22st 8lbs
Loss 🙂5lb
6st 3.5lb

All in all, a good week for me. I’m pleased that I could turn the gain around. If I can get another loss this week I’ll be over the moon. 

Have a number of gigs and events happening too so will be able to rock out some of the flab and probably overdose on Diet Pepsi! 

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