On Fleek for Mr Sleek

So it’s been a difficult week this week. Must admit that my mind isn’t quite up to scratch at the moment and perhaps that explains the 1lb gain.

It’s been a mixed few weeks on and off plan. 4lbs on, 5lb off and another gain this week. Trying to balance my food with my mental health is a battle that I feel like I’m losing both.

However, I was nominated for and won the group Mr Sleek award tonight. It’s a vote to recognise someone in group who’s life has changed as a result of their journey. 

I was up against some really tough competition. Everyone in the group is doing so well with their weight losses. Stones have been shed and not easily. Miss Slinky, Danni has been through all sorts to get where she is and she’s been amazing. 

My week has been a bit poor up to now though. Because my head isn’t fully in the shed I hadn’t made my lunches so I’ve been buying lunch from the works canteen. I think that the food that I’ve been eating there hasn’t been as on plan as the stuff I make myself.

Anyway, I’m back with a supply of very garlicy bolognese for the rest of the week and plenty of pasta to go with it. I’ll try and keep my food diary again to see how I’m doing.

Three pounds off next week Phil…

Weight22st 9lbs
Gain 🙁1lb
6st 2.5lb

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