Another step down…

Most people these days will tell you to take a step up. Step up and be a man. Step up and take it. Well, not me! I’m taking a step down and I’m bloody proud of it.

Over the last seven months I’ve fallen. I started out at the heaviest weight I could ever be. I was just off 29 stone in weight. I could have been even heavier and something needed to change. 

I’m honestly not quite sure why I started to change myself. I suppose I was facing redundancy from a job that I had grown quite complacent in. I’d sit at my desk and just scoff. I don’t think that I’d ever contemplated what I was eating and how much.

The loss of my job was perhaps the thing that I needed to make that change. The time came and thanks to my good friend Ali, who offered to come with me to the group. I stepped through the doors and started the journey.

So we’re nearing the end of the year with just a few more weigh in’s before the festive season. I’m aiming to lose another half a stone before Christmas sets in and the eating, drinking and eating sets in.

The scales of doom were kind again today. I’ve lost another 3lbs this week. Half a stone in two weeks. 93.5lbs lost. 6.5 off 100lbs lost. That’s going to be a massive milestone for me and I can’t believe that it’s been carried around with me for a long long time, physically and mentally.

Weight22st 2lbs
6st 9.5lb

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