Happy Pip…

Not very often that I can give that sort of a statement but yeah, today I’m happy. 

There is a secret to Slimming World and I’ll give it away now. The secret to this plan is simple. It’s group. Staying to sit with the group after weigh in is possibly the best thing to help. The encouragement from your peers and the consultant I think is immeasurable. 

There are some real characters at my group and I must admit that even if the Scales of Doom haven’t been kind, the people who stay to group make all the difference. If it wasn’t for those people then I think that I may not have stayed on plan and heading for that next stone. 

Tonight’s group really was food for thought. With Christmas and New Year rapidly approaching we were given an insight into the pitfalls and hidden terrors of the party buffet. 13 syns for a mince pie! I think I need to save up my syns for a week or so before Christmas week! 

Anyway, on to the weigh in. I’ve had a good week this week. No alcohol (Well, a pint of Guinness at the cinema last Friday (BTW: go and see Ralph Breaks the Internet. Superb movie!)) and just a small amount of chocolate. (Advent calendar in work. 1 syn per piece according to the packaging (23 calories per piece). 

The Scales of Doom were indeed kind this week with a loss of 2.5lbs. So that’s the half pound on from last week gone and another step towards the next stone down and another couple of pounds towards the 100lb mark and the 7 stone award. 

With two more weigh in’s until Christmas, I’m hopeful that I can make it another 4lbs and that will get me there. 

Weight22st 0lbs
6st 11.5lb

Come on Fatboy, you can do it. 

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