Why do we fall?

“So we can get back up Master Wayne.”

I fell tonight. It was the last hurdle before the debauchery of Christmas begins and the weight creeps back on. I was aiming for my seven stone award. I only had half a pound to lose. Half a bloody pound.

What happened? I put a whole pound back on this week.

Of course, I made my excuses… I’ve got a cold so I’ve been dosing myself up with cold remedies and cough sweets all week. These can’t have been free and I know it but would they have been counted as syns? No!! They’re medicine, not sweeties that make you feel better. Of course they’re bloody synable. They’re full of bloody sugar.


Anyway, I’ve now got a bit of work to do over the next few weeks to bring myself back into line and get myself back on plan but there is just a little matter of getting the festive season out of the way.

Food is going to be a big part of this next few days. There will be Pringles and Celebrations and Roses and Old Speckled Hen and you name it, it’ll be on the menu.

Weight21st 13lbs
6st 12.5lb

So, there will be a gain next week but the big question will be by how much? Where will I start the New Year and when will I hit that target of 19st 11.5lbs?

Stay tuned!

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