The War is still to win…

But the Battle of Xmas 2018 has been a hefty setback in the struggle. It was always to be expected that there would be casualties at this time of the year and I suppose that a gain was to be expected.

The big question however was always going to be what the severity of the battle was going to be?

The battlefield began with a works afternoon out. A magnificent meal at Bill’s in Cardiff. A beaut of a meal which included a tureen, roast turkey and a quite phenomenal cheesecake. Accompanied by a number of beers and a Rum or two. That was even before the Christmas Pringles and Celebrations were opened.

So, stepping on the Scales of Doom this evening, it was’t going to be a shock that they registered a 3lb gain. The food optimising has completely gone out of the window this week. Coupled with this cold that is still lingering about, I’m not surprised or really worried by the gain.

I’d say that the next three weeks will be crucial for me. If I don’t get to the seven stone mark in this time then I need to sit and have a really good think about where the plan is going and what extra I need to concentrate on to get the losses back on track.

Weight22st 2lbs
6st 9.5lb

So, the gain of four pounds over the last two weeks. That’s so not good but as the picture above says, it’s not important what the scales say between Christmas and New Year but what they say between New Year and Christmas.

Perhaps this lot can give me some inspiration for the next 12 months. Who knows, perhaps my story will be there next year.

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