Back on track.

So this week, there have been some wonderful moments. Sebastian Vettel trashed his new Formula One car, Wales beat England in the Principality Stadium and my weight loss is back on track. 🙂

It’s been quite a good week this week. I started by a night out with folks from work. The plan was to go for one drink. Just the one mind you. It ended with me catching the last bus home so that went well. I think the plan for next time is not to have a plan. Therefore, nothing can go wrong. I’ll let you know next week if that happens cos I’m out again tomorrow!

Saturday was just incredible. I’d won a treasure hunt in work and the prize was a ticket to the Six Nations showdown between Wales and England. I’ve never been to a Six Nations game and this was going to be one of the biggest games I’ve ever attended.

The seats were incredible. Right on the 22 and just 16 rows from the front pitch. A spectacular event and an amazing game. Wales triumphed not by a single point but by a good margin. They gave the old enemy a proper pasting and I was there to see it. A day that I’ll never forget.

I did have a celebratory beer but it was only one. I spent the rest of the time drinking water and diet cokes. I was high on the euphoria of the game so didn’t feel the need to drink any more than that.

Sunday was a day spent with my mum. We pottered about and went to M&S. That really was the highlight of the day there. Food wise was good. We did have a tasty M&S Apple Pie and Ice Cream for dessert but that was as synful as I got.

Tuesday was fun. I had my friend Alex from Slimming World visit and we went for a walk. We walked around Roath Park Lake and the Roath Park Rec. It was about 5k and took about an hour and a half to complete the circuit. We just chatted all the way round and that time just disappeared.

I hope that there will be some more walking as I’m sure that it helped with my loss this week.

After the last two weeks maintaining my weight, I thought that I may have lost my mojo and that I wasn’t going to lose any more. Thankfully, that’s not the case and I know that my loss is back on track. The Scales of Doom registered a 3.5lb loss this week and I’m into the next stone bracket. Just 1.5lbs off my 8 stone award.

Weight20st 13lbs
Total110.5lb – 7st 12.5lb

This time next week Rodders…

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