I took me boots off!

I’m struggling to think of something to write about here. I’ve had a fairly good week on plan but I’ve struggled a bit with the exercise side of the week.

I’ve been working on late shifts this week so I’ve not been out wandering this week. I did get out for a short wander on Monday night but that was about it.

I had a night out last Friday, Saturday and Sunday! A few late nights but only one of those was spent having a few jars. My kidneys are probably about to fail if I have any more Diet Pepsi! 

A lot of late nights and late shifts have knackered me this week! I wasn’t expecting anything great when I stood on the Scales of Doom tonight. It surprised me when I found that there was a loss again. 

I had to take my shoes off this evening. Most weeks now, I’ve weighed wearing a pair of trainers. As I’ve been working a late, I went straight to group tonight. I’ve not weighed without my boots on so I think that perhaps 2lbs of my loss this week would be the weight of the boots themselves.

Weight Change Total Loss
19st 12.5lb -3.5lb 8st 13lb (125lbs)

So this weight is unbelievable. I would never have thought in a million years that I would get under the 20 stone barrier. I’m now down into the teens and that is well unbelievable. I haven’t been at this weight since my late 20’s.

Only 1lb to get to my initial target weight.

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