Down Again

So tonight was weigh in and as usual, I wasn’t very hopeful for good things. The weekend wasn’t too bad but Saturday was a bit of a disaster foodwise.

I met a friend that I’d not seen for a few years on Saturday morning. She has lost a lot of weight too and looks fantastic as a result. She came back to Cardiff for a few hours and so we had a mooch around town for a few hours. 

We went to the local Spoons pub for some lunch. I had a steak pie but rather than chips, had a baked spud. God I’m good! 

However I then went to visit my other friend and that’s where it all went a bit wrong. Sausage in batter and some real fish shop chips. I just couldn’t resist that. Then there were the snacks and the cheesecake. Ermagherd the salted caramel cheesecake…

The rest of the week has been a bit better than Saturday. I’ve not done so badly. I did a couple of walks over the weekend and on Monday evening but that was about as far as I got.

I didn’t get out and about on Tuesday and Wednesday. I know I should have but it’s been a busy challenge in work this week and I really just wanted to get home and hibernate.

I wasn’t expecting very much from the Scales of Doom this evening. I was pleased to see that I had lost a pound at group. 

Weight Change Total Loss
19st 12lb – 1lb 8st 13.5lb (125.5lbs)

I needed 1.5lbs to get to my 9 stone award. I was so close again! This weekend, I don’t see anything that is going to stop me from getting that remaining half a pound this week.

One thought on “Down Again

  1. Sweetie, you inspire me. I wish I could have lost weight by natural means, but a few of my doctors, finally, agreed with me that perhaps my metabolism is Fubar, due to food abuse and possible nutritional deficiencies when I was single digits.

    But, though I’ve almost gotten to my goal weight and have lost over 100 lbs, I look at you and am inspired, impressed, and overjoyed for your journey.

    You look wonderful.

    If you’re used to taking a walk about the same time, about the same pace as always… you know, repetitive actions?

    Change it up a bit.

    Day 1 – maybe add 20 quick steps for every 50 – 100 regular paced steps.
    Day 2 – regular pace, no changes from the usual
    Day 3 – repeat Day 1 or, perhaps, do 40 quick steps for every 20 – 50 regular pace steps


    Day 1 – take your usual walk.
    Day 2 – try some low weight or resistance band exercises at home, arm curls, arm ranges to the sky, then to the ground, etc
    Day 3- repeat Day 1
    Day 4 – repeat Day 2

    Our bodies can develop muscle memory. When it does, it is no longer receiving the benefit of the exercise because the body thinks, ok, this is the usual motions, nothing new, ho hum.

    Changing it up, occasionally, keeps it from developing that memory and allows you to keep, fully benefiting from your exercises.

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