2019-06-17 : Food Diary

Today has been a day off work. I’ve been to mum’s and we had lunch at the local Beefeater. However, I tried to be good by choosing the gammon steak and cutting the fat off it. Instead of chips, I had a baked spud and left the butter out.

I’ve cooked a chilli for lunches at work. Used 5% mince so that will be free at lunch times too.

2 x WeetabixHEB
Semi Skimmed MilkHEA
Tablespoon Granulated SweetenerFree
Gammon Steak. Fat Trimmed OffFree
Garden PeasFree
Baked PotatoFree
Red Pepper Pesto (2 teaspoons)4 syns
Grated CheeseHEA
Hi-Fi Bar3 syns
Tea (Sweetener & Semi Skimmed Milk) x 1HEA
Pepsi Max Cherry – 1.5lFree

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