A busy week.

It isn’t getting any easier this week you know, I’ve had celebratory drinks, a celebratory party and a celebratory wander. There has been a lot of celebration this week and I suppose there’s another celebration as I lost three whole pounds.

Friday last week was the end of my mate’s first week in his new job. We worked together for a good 15 years and now he’s working for my current employer. 

Of course, we had to go out for a quick pint after work on Friday. That tended to turn into four or five. Not clever Phil but it was a good night and you’ve got to live haven’t you. 🙂

Saturday was a mostly good day although when I think back, it could have been better. Mum wanted to go for a drive somewhere so I bundled her into the car and headed North. We drove up the valleys and ended up on the Rhigos Mountain. 

We stopped in the car park on top of the mountain and decided to have a burger from the van there. Not fab but at least I skipped on the ice-cream!!

Saturday evening was my friends surprise 40th birthday party. That was wonderful evening. However it was full of party food which did cause me some issues! However as I had the car, I was driving so not drinking. 

It was a late night but a good one. As a result on Sunday, I wasn’t feeling great. I think I may have had a Diet Pepsi hangover but that didn’t stop me from heading to Bridgewater for a gig. So another afternoon out but as I was driving again, I was on the Diet drinks again. There was a small amount of junk food and lots of rock and roll!

Monday is when it all got a bit serious. My good friend Abi came over for a walk. We decided to go up through Cefn Onn Park and on to the Ridgeway above Cardiff.

What a beautiful day we had but I struggled a bit, especially with the climb up there. It’s a walk I’ve done on a number of occasions but this really did do for me this time. I took water with me but the heat of the day, well it was blazing! Took a good few hours to do the wander but did have a lovely time chatting and catching up.

The rest of the week has been back to work. I’ve had a good couple of days on plan and it has resulted in a 3lb loss. I’m now back to where I was before all the festivals started and I’m up on Alex’s challenge so that’s a good start. 

I had Slimmer of the Week too which has been a while since I last won that one! 

WeightChangeTotal Loss
19st 0lbs-3lbs9st 11.5lbs

There’s not much happening this weekend although I may be out for a beer after work tomorrow. I may stay on the diet drinks though to give myself the best chance at a loss next week.

I so want to get out of this 19st mark. If I can get into the 18st bracket and just a few pounds off my 10 stone award then I’ll be absolutely over the moon.

I think there’s a good chance that might happen! 🙂

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