I Am Ten

I’ve got another award this evening. This one has taken a long time to get but it’s here and I’m chuffed to beans about it.

Ten stone is a long way from where I was when I started this journey. 28 stone 11.5lbs was frightening and I don’t think that I would ever have hoped for a 10 stone weight loss. 

I have absolutely no idea how this has come about. Even now, I’ve no idea how I’ve lost 4lbs this week. It was a poor weekend. I’d got a bit drunk on Friday. Had a fried breakfast on Saturday and I had a big cheesecake that I took a few days to eat but I ate the lot. 

I’ve felt really down this week too so my head has really not been where it should be. I forgot my work pass this morning and had to run back off the bus to get the pass. That’s just where my noggin is at the moment. 

Still, I’ve got to go on with this. I’ve another 2 stone to lose to get to my target but I know it can be done. I wanted to get to the next stone before my birthday and I’m there a few weeks early.

I’ll try to lose another half stone by then. I’ll try and get out walking and will may try running soon. My employer runs a gym offer where I only have to request a free pass and that could get me going. Off to one of the hotel gyms to get a bit of exercise.

WeightChangeTotal Loss
18st 10lbs-4lbs10st 1.5lbs

Anyway, it’s happy birthday to the immortal Freddie Mercury today. Everyone’s been posting Queen songs today in memory of the flamboyant showman. Here’s my contribution.

Lose another 5 stone and I may find someone myself.

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