Four days to go…

Another week down and thankfully a bit of a loss. I’d put on last week and that was a bit of a problem. 1.5lbs on last week was a bit of a disappointment all told.

But this week has been a bit of a worry for me cos I swore that I was going to put on again. So with just a few days before the big 50 hits, I was pleased that the 1.5 on last week was taken off this.

I can therefore go into my birthday weekend without worrying about the potential weight gain. I realise that if I do put on then I can pull it right back within the space of a week or two.

The week started off quite badly really. It was payday so it was a good night to go for a quite pint after work. So met Birchy and some of the boys from work and wandered off to the Head of Steam just for one. 

Two pints later and it was then down to Brewhouse for one and then over to The Queens Vaults (just for one mind you!) 

From there it was up to The City Arms and then over to Tiny Rebel for one of the nicest beers I have ever tasted. Imperial Stay Puft Irish Cream Marshmallow Porter  Utterly stunning.

Anyhoo! From there it was into Fuel Rock Club for a magnificent night rocking to some incredible music and the night that started just going for one ended at 4.30am.

Sometimes the best nights are unplanned. 

It included fish and chips too so I was quite pleased when I stepped on the scales of doom this week to see a loss.

WeightChangeTotal Loss
18st 7.5lbs+1.5lbs10st 4lbs

So on to the weekend. This one will definitely see a gain on the scales. Saturday is going to be a really off plan day. 

Planning to start with some grub to line the stomach, then some beers, then some rugby, then some grub and some more beers, then some rock and roll.

I’m definitely not expecting magnificence this time next week but time will tell as will the birthday cake and cheesecake!! 


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