We’re four days in to the 5th decade of Phil and let’s face it, I’ve not had a fantastic start with the old belly.

I knew that this week was not going to be very good. I’ve had a damn fine birthday week and it’s been mental foodwise. 

I’ve eaten everything that’s been put in front of me this week and I mean everything. Fish ‘n Chips, Chocolate Bombs, Beer, Pizza, Curry and Chips, Sausage in Batter, Cheeeeeeeeeesecake, everything!

So that’s why I’ve put NINE, that’s NINE whole pounds on this week. Ruddy shocking. That’s just mental. 

So, I could have not gone tonight. I went cos I needed to know what I’d done. I knew it wasn’t going to be good but NINE pounds was just silly.

WeightChangeTotal Loss
19st 2.5lbs+9lbs9st 9lbs

Normally, I’d be massively disappointed. It is the largest gain I’ve ever had but I do know absolutely how this has happened. I will try my best to have a fantastic new week and will look to lose this again in the next couple of weeks.

This week, I’ve got a couple of gigs and not much else. Going to see Andrew O’Neill tomorrow night and then on Saturday, the legendary Alice Cooper. I’m planning on driving so there won’t be any alcohol this week.

I need to think about my food as well this week. There will be no lovely snacks and chips. I’ll replace them with some wonderful food and will look to make a chilli for the week in work.

I’ll also ensure that I go for a walk or two, even in the pouring rain. I can dry out overnight but that’s going to be important to do as I’ve certainly slacked off in that department over the last couple of weeks.

Wish me luck. I know I can get back into the groove.

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