Sickybad :(

This week I have been mostly poorly.

Not been great this last couple of days. Had a couple of days off this week with a stonking great cold. I went into work on Monday and only had half day cos of a very late night on Saturday / Sunday again, then in on Tuesday suffering sightly, then off yesterday and today with a snotty schnoz and a banging old head. 

I had tried to be good this week, what with the massive gain last week. It didn’t get off to a great start with a Friday night where I went out after work to see Andrew O’Neill. A couple of beers and a plate of loaded fries which was delicious but ever so wrong. 

I suppose that I was still on my weeks of celebration for my 50th so there was still a bit of that mindset about the day. 

Saturday was an okay day. I helped my mate move a few bits around and had a Harvester. I did keep that well though with chicken and a baked spud. We then went out to see the legendary Alice Cooper at the Motorpoint Arena.

We then ended up in Fuel Rock Club and left there around 4am again. I gave a lift home to a couple of friends and headed home to bed. Problem is that Wales played in the World Cup at about 9am. I think I managed about 2 hours sleep and then in the car to Mum’s so I could watch the game and then the amazing Scotland v Japan game. Amazing. Kath came over and so I cooked a roast chicken dinner. 

Monday wasn’t great. I had a half day but we had a breakfast meeting at a local Wetherspoons pub. I had an American breakfast which included Sausages, eggs, bacon, hash browns and pancakes. It was delish but again not great. 

My afternoon however was a bit more productive and I managed to cook a Chilli which is something I’ve not done for a while. 

Tuesday was a full day in work although I wasn’t feeling great. I had my chilli for lunch and did some Sausages with boiled spuds for tea. Has some mixed veg with that.

Wednesday and the cold struck. I spent the day in bed, mostly asleep but I didn’t eat very well. I had a few bowls of cereal and that was about it for the day. Today was much the same except that I did go to Slimming World.

I wasn’t really expecting much on the scales this week. I thought I might lose a pound or two and start to get back to where I was after my humongous gain last week.

So I was quite pleased when the scales of doom registered a 10lb loss. 

Weight Change Total Loss
18st 6.5lbs -10lbs 10st 5lbs

So that’s a pound less than before my Birthday week. I think that as I’ve been a bit poorly this week, that will have helped but I’m happy that I’m back on track. 

We’ll see how we go over the next week. Possibly another loss as there’s nothing planned that could cause me difficulties. Two pounds will get me to the next award.

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