Still Ill! :(

So this cold is still with me, a week on.

I’m not sure that it’s possible for one nose to to produce so much gunge! It does however and my head is still banging. So it’s another few days of taking the tablets! 

Perhaps I can kill it off with some Rum! I have plenty to choose from at the moment! 

So down to this week then.

I haven’t had a great week cos I put a pound on but that’s okay cos I’ve essentially maintained my weight over the last two weeks. It’s not great and I appreciate that I’ve got a bit of work to do to take some more weight off. 

Three pounds to the next half a stone and 8 weeks to Christmas. I do often wonder if 11 stone is do-able by the festive season.

The consultant certainly thinks that it is. My head hasn’t really been in the zone since my birthday so I will look to try and get myself back into the frame. 

I believe it’s possible so need to get my self-belief back again.

Weight Change Total Loss
18st 7.5lbs +1lbs 10st 4lbs

Really got to get out and about. The weather combined with my stinking cold has kept me inside this last couple of weeks.

Not having gone for a walk has probably done for me this week too. Maybe with a couple of wanders next week (if the weather gets better) will give me an extra boost. 

Hmmmmm! 🙁

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