Back again…

Sorry for the lack of an update from last week. I was working the late shift and had an early start on the Friday so I wanted to try and get myself a bit of time in bed. 

To be honest, I’ve been a bit knackered this week too so I started to write this weeks blog post on Monday.

I lost 1lb last week which was slightly disappointing as I weighed in the morning. Usually when you do that, you’re usually a bit lighter. 

I feel like I’ve had a tough couple of weeks on the plan. I’ve been okay but there have been a few days when I’ve pushed it to the absolute limit and some days I’ve gone over. 

I’ve been off the beers so that’s not been too bad. Although I was bought some fantastic Birthday beers by an old friend this week. I’ve not tucked in yet but this weekend brings another gig and perhaps a beer or two. I’ll not go overboard though. 

Weight Change Total Loss
18st 5.5lbs -3lbs 10st 6lbs

A single pound next week will be fantastic. That will get me to 10.5 stone and the next step on the road. 

I’ve a few challenges this weekend. A gig tomorrow in Bristol is likely to smack me in the chops but I’ll try and alternate beer for soft drinks.

Saturday and Sunday aught to be quite good although there may be a beer or two involved in that too. Sunday is with the Mum so I hope that one will be a good day. 

The rest of the week should be good so I am hopeful that I can get down to the next award.

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