I knew it wasn’t good…

This week has been a gain. I know absolutely where I went wrong and it started at about 1pm on Friday afternoon. An afternoon and evening spent in Bristol with the amazing Lacuna Coil.

The beer was flowing, the rum was flowing and the chips were chipping. There was a lot of it and that’s probably where my week went wrong. 

I must have put a stone on just on that one day cos I hadn’t thought that the rest of my week had been that bad. 

Looking back through the week, Friday was a bad day but I suppose that could have dribbled through into the Saturday hangover. I must admit that I’ve gone a bundle on Rice Pringles. That must have been a bad thing. 

So I have to knuckle under this week. I want to lose at least four pounds to get myself back on track before the festive season gets underway. 

Weight Change Total Loss
18st 9lbs 3.5lbs 10st 2.5lbs

So what am I going to do to turn this around?

Well, I really have no idea. I need to try and plan my day and perhaps my food but as I’m skint, I suppose I’m stuck with chicken which is fairly cheap and spuds until I get paid next week.

I’m a bit fed up with things really. I suppose that I’ve been comfort eating and not really thinking about what it is I’m putting into my mouth. My lunches have been left over curry (Mayflower) and baked spuds with beans and cheese.  Evening meals have been chicken and sausages but with I suppose a lack of speed foods (well, beetroot mostly).

I did get out for a walk this week which was nice but it was a bit slow. Usually walk around the park in about an hour and ten minutes but this one was nearly two hours! 

This week, I will be trying to loose at least four pounds. I won’t be scoffing the Pringles like a mad man and I’ll stay off the alcohol too. 

I’ll also get out, whatever the weather to go for a couple of walks to try and get the heart rate up and pounding. 

It’s not a great plan. I’m probably going to fail and put on again but I must concentrate and get back into the plan.

Wish me luck.

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