So without much expectation, I entered the world of slim this evening to face the scales of doom. 

I’d had a goodish week this week. No alcohol at the weekend (well, I did have a rum and diet pepsi at home the other evening) but no massive alcohol binge. No takeaways and no Pringles every night either this week. 

However on this weekend, I had a day out on Sunday that included a roast dinner, a hot chocolate and an Italian meal. I didn’t think that I’d be able to recover from that this week. 

Sunday out with these amazing reprobates!! 🙂

The roast dinner wasn’t too bad. Roast beef, spuds, carrots and cababage. It was very nice but the Italian meal at Zizzi’s was dreadful. N’Duja bread for starters and chorizo spaghetti carbonarra for main. I did resist a dessert but I really enjoyed the day and the meal was delicious. Just a shame that the service wasn’t really up to much.

Monday was a day spent with the Mum. We had a nice day, off up to Marks and Sparks so I was pushing her in the wheelchair which I suppose counts towards a bit of exercise. I then went for a walk around Roath Park and the Rec. I managed that in about 56 minutes which was quite good as the last time out it was an hour and 20 minutes or so. 

So, the rest of the week has been good. It’s payday week so there has been a fairly severe lack of cash, meaning that I’ve been surviving on baked potatoes and beans for my lunch. I’ve had a bit of breakfast and I’ve kept away from the biscuits that are always on hand at the end of the pod.

Weight Change Total Loss
18st 3lbs -6lbs 10st 8.5lbs

So the weigh in tonight was a bit of a surprise. Six whole lbs lost which has taken me over the 10 and a half stone. Another certificate and Slimmer of the Month which I’ve not had in absolutely ages.

The question now however is how to maintain this loss over the next few weeks. December has to be one of the hardest months to be on a diet. Plenty of events to go to, food to eat and booze to drink.

I think that I can probably look to try and maintain. I’ll do my best to continue the walks and to do what I can to …

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