Ups and Downs.

Sorry for the late update. It’s been a bit of a busy end to the week so I’ve not really had much time to sit and write up my week.

It was a poorish week for food last week. I did lose a pound last week so that’s half a stone again over the last two weeks. 

Friday was a boozy evening. I didn’t drink a huge amount. In fact, I think I only had four pints all night. It was a last bus home job so that was okay is but still very much off plan and over syns.

Saturday was a day off and Sunday was off to the Mum’s for the day. We ended up at the Beefeater again. A mixed grill with a baked spud instead of chips wasn’t so bad but there was a sticky toffee pud for afters which was utterly delicious. 

I decided to get a wander in on the Sunday night. A three mile jaunt around Thornhill, just to burn off a couple of those sticky toffee calories! 

Monday wasn’t too bad and I managed another walk down to Llanishen and back up Thornhill Road. 

A night off on Tuesday and then a slightly shorter walk on Wednesday following most of the same route as Monday’s walk.

So Thursday, weigh day arrived. A new venue having moved away from the Church Center in Thornhill to the Primary School literally a minute up the road from the house.

Weighed in and I had lost a pound. It was an early weigh as it turned into our Slimming World group meal at the Pendragon. A fairly nice meal but the beef was a bit tough. Still, a decent starter and a good pud. That put pay to the pound off and to be honest, over the last couple of days, the food hasn’t got any better.

Friday I had to take the Mum to the Doctors. She wanted Fish n Chips afterwards so it was up to the chippy for an amazing piece of fish. Half a bag of chips between us so it could have been worse!

One of the things that I wanted to aim for was to be able to climb to the top of the tallest mountain in South Wales. I’d set myself a goal to lose enough weight so that I could climb up Pen-y-Fan. I was given the opportunity to get myself up and back this weekend. 

It was a bit overcast at the foot of the mountain but I’d wrapped up warm and took some snacks and water with me. My friend Louise and her daughter had joined me for the walk. Lou has been there a number of times before so was a bit of a guide for us. 

I’d been up Pen-Y-Fan in my very early teens. I struggled back then but as I remember it, the path up the mountain was quite a difficult one. Lots of rocks to climb over and that was the best part of 35 years ago. 

The path up the side of the mountain has been improved vastly. It’s very flat and that certainly makes the climb a bit easier as you’re not having to clamber over boulders and rocks. You’re not likely to twist an ankle as it’s very flat.

I felt that I may have struggled with the climb. As it happens, the climb didn’t really trouble me. We had plenty of stops on the way up to catch our breath. We only had short stops so that our muscles didn’t go cold and stayed warm.

As we approached the summit, the weather turned a bit and it was cold and very wet. I had the obligatory photo taken on the top and then we made our way back down.

A welcome cup of tea and a Sausage and bacon bap was waiting at the bottom of the mountain and I think it was well earned. 

I will be going again and next time will tackle a different route up to the top. 

I doubt there will be a loss this week, despite the climb. Food hasn’t been fab this weekend so I’ve probably put on but will look to be good for the next few days and hope to get another couple of walks in over the next few days.

I will of course keep you updated. 🙂

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