Two weeks in one.

I’ll start this weeks blog with an apology. I had a bit of a busy end to the week last time out. I didn’t get around to writing a blog post. 

It was of course, the election. I had started to write a post and then the Exit Poll was announced and everything fell apart. I had hoped that a Labour win would oust the Tories and start to bring the country back together. Instead, the country got five more years of the same and all hope as they say was gone. 

That threw me and I couldn’t bring myself to finish what I was writing. I tried but just couldn’t find the words to describe the previous week. I was in complete shock and that’s not great.

I was elated that I had managed to complete a goal along my weight loss journey. I had climbed up a mountain and that was a fantastic achievement that was all mine. A 10 stone loss and a lifetime given back to me. 

I made a few poor food choices. Had a couple of meals out and some beers which is never a good thing. I’d gained a pound in that week and that wasn’t good. 

This week hasn’t been much better to be honest. I’ve had a poor week and I’m worried about Christmas and how I’m going to get through the next six weeks on a basic wage. 

So last weeks weigh in was a gain of 1lb. I suppose given a night out and other stuff all in all, that’s not so bad.

So on to this week and again there was a couple of evenings out. I’d had a Christmas meal and Staff party to go to. Thanks to my Secret Santa for the new Pinch of Nom book. There are some incredible meals in there and I’m looking forward to trying some of them out!

Saturday night was an evening out although I did take the car so there was no alcohol involved. 

Sunday involved a bit of running around and a visit to Lauren’s. There were one or two treats involved. Perhaps I could have been better, however a nice time was had as per usual.

This week was however another gain. Only half a pound so that’s not so bad.

Clearly this next week is going to be very very tricky. Christmas week will no doubt involve quite a bit of grub and a good amount of delicious beer and rum. 

I’m spending the week with the Mum and won’t be able to get to next weeks SW group which has been re-arranged for the Friday night at 6pm in Whitchurch. 

However, I really hope that I can keep myself on a fairly even keel. I’m cooking Christmas dinner and am in charge of the catering. I’ll be doing lots of SW friendly roast veg but no doubt the odd syn will creep in here and there. 

So that’s probably the last of my weigh-in’s for this year. 2018-2019 has given me lots to look back on and perhaps that will be the theme for my next blog post.

Have a happy Christmas and enjoy what you’re eating. Back on it in the new year.

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