Happy New Year..

It’s the start of 2020, a brand new year and a new decade. I left 2019 having lost 10.5 stone and have entered into 2020 having lost 9 stone! I’ve had a very good Christmas and New Year but it’s been two weeks of absolutely amazing food, drink and not really caring about what has been going into my mouth.

Christmas was an absolute food fest. There was everything that’s not great for you and absolutely off plan. Pringles, chocolates, mince pies, yule logs, roasties, meats and alcohol. Sod it, I deserved it.

However all of this fine food has it’s down side and that’s clearly a couple of pounds on the scale of doom.

Except that mine wasn’t just a couple of pounds. In the two weeks that I’ve had off plan, I’ve put on 12.5 pounds. Not quite the stone that I feared but not far off it. 

What a dipstick. I knew that I’d been off plan but the realisation that I was a little bit silly over the last two weeks has done one for me.

So knowing now what the damage is, I now need to work on the plan to reverse it. All of the Christmas goodies have been eaten or sent to a good home. 

One of the things that has gone slightly out of the window over the last few weeks are my wanders. Okay, I made it up Pen-Y-Fan but since then, I’ve done bugger all.

I will get out for a couple of walks this week. Having said that, I’m on the old late shifts next week. That won’t help with getting out and about. I will however look to walk down to catch the bus from the Morrisons stop which is a good couple of miles from the house. If I can do that in the mornings before heading into work then that’s not so bad.

I think I’ve signed up to try and walk 1000 miles by the end of the year. My amazing, inspirational friend Fiona completed that last year. I’m not entirely sure that I could get to 500 miles let alone 1000 but I’m prepared to give it a go. It is however the 2nd January and so far, I’ve done couch to kitchen, let alone couch to 5k!

2020 therefore hasn’t started on the best of notes but I know that it will improve and I’ll do my very best to initially shift the Christmas weight. My aim for the year is to lose a further two and a half stone, possibly three. 

It’s going to take some doing and am I convinced that I can do it? Not really but then I never thought I’d lose what I have. 

It’s a marathon not a sprint and it’s not what you eat between Christmas and New Year but what you eat between New Year and Christmas.

Thank you for reading my inane whittering. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and a fantastic New Year. 

2020 will bring its challenges but we will prevail. Good luck and best wishes all.

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