Smug git alert!

Last weeks weigh in was an absolute disaster. My Christmas and New Year had been a proper celebration and that led on to a huge weight gain. 12.5lbs oh my god. I had no idea that I’d eaten 12.5lbs of food over that short period of time!

Anyway, this last week has been back on the plan. Not been 100% on it but the majority of the week has been far better than Christmas week! Lots of baked spuds this week but no cheese. Chicken Curry and Mayflower curry sauces. Lots of mixed veg, rice and spuds. No mince pies, Pringles, Pigs in blankets, rum, beer etc. 

So after a couple of weeks of debauchery it’s back to plan. Today’s weigh in was an early one as I’ve been on late finishes all week. So weighed in at Jill’s group in Lisvane today. Caught up with some of the girls who used to go to the Thornhill meeting. It was great to see Sue and Lena.

The Scales of Doom decided to be good this week. I’ve taken of 6.5lbs of what I put on at Christmas. I’m hoping that I can take the remaining 6lbs off over the next few weeks and then continue down to the 17 stone bracket. 

I feel a wander up Pen-Y-Fan is due again soon. 

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