Keeping it going.

I’ve been down on myself for a few weeks now. My weight loss appeared to have stalled since Christmas and now two months on, I still feel that I’m not getting anywhere.

Christmas gave me a 12lb gain and that’s been an absolute slapper on the diet. I’ve been feeling like I’ve been getting nowhere fast and that I’d stopped.

Strange really cos I’ve managed to lose 11 of the 12 pounds that I put on. I’m very nearly back to where I was before Christmas although I just don’t feel it.

More Rugby!

So this week, I managed a bit of walking. Not much as the weather hasn’t been wonderful. I went out at lunchtime for a wander. Unfortunately my phone didn’t record the walk in full but it was a nice wander around to Central Square, past the Principality Stadium and into Bute Park, then back down Queen Street and work. 

It’s about a half hour walk maybe 40 minutes and about 2.5 miles which isn’t bad for a lunch hour. As the weather gets better then I hope that I’ll get out on a daily basis for a good old wander. God knows it’s cheaper than the gym and who knows I may start running it too.

I doubt I’ll be running marathons any time soon but who knows. I perhaps need to pluck up the courage and maybe look to get started with a Couch to 5K sort of thing. I’ve downloaded the app so who knows.

I’ll have to sort out a playlist for it. Suggestions welcome.

So then down to the nitty gritty of it. This week, the scales of doom have been kind again. I am happy with the way that the weight loss is going and I can concentrate on moving on towards the next stone bracket and the next award.

Current Weight Loss / Gain Total Weight Lost
18st 5.5lbs -2lbs 10st 6lb

It’ll be slow going and I hope that I can do it in the next two months. By the end of April, I’m going to be hitting the next stone. 

I will absolutely.

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