Another loss…

So it’s yet another week down. Week 107, most of those on plan! 

After last weeks gain, I was simply not looking forward to this week and facing the Scales of Doom. 

My week started quite badly in fact. We had a team afternoon out on Friday. It was meant to be the start of my new week on plan. I was meant to be good and be wary of what was being shoveled into my mouth. After the last week, wondering where that six pounds had come from, there I was doing it all over again.

Beer, food, more beer, some rum and more food and a late night were not the ideal ways to start a new week.

I’ve managed to pull it back a bit over the weekend. Saturday was a bit of a waste of time! A hangover from hell and not a lot of food. I did have a Sainsbury’s curry but that was probably about it for Saturday. 

Sunday was at the Mum’s in the day. She’s not getting much better and is still having a bit of difficulty. No falls this week but she’s still having trouble with remembering stuff. 

The rest of the week has been okay and fairly well on plan. No cakes and crisps so it hasn’t been so bad.

I made a chilli for the first time in a long time. It’s not veggie and there are nice chunks of beef in it. I’ve been having sarnies over the last few weeks and I think that the bread has been very bad at lunchtime. So I’ve been taking the chilli into work and so far, it seems to have worked a bit better.

So there was been a pound and a half loss this week. So it’s back on plan and I’m happy that it is back on its way off.  I will lose this and get back to where I was prior to Christmas. 

If it takes to the end of the year, I’ll get there. I’m not going to let this get me.

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