Lockdown: Week 3.

First note is to apologise for the lack of a blog last week. It’s been a bit of a strange period of time with a lot of changes happening for everyone around.

The lockdown has seen me working from home, except it’s not my home. I’m staying with mum and am looking after her too. She has her carers in the morning and that’s it. I’m therefore getting her lunch and cooking her tea. She is still fairly capable and can use the toilet herself but she’s shaky and her memory is failing her so she needs extra help. It’s slightly worrying as I will need to move back home at some point and I’m worried about leaving her alone again.

Food has been very difficult. There are so many snacks around, cake, biscuits and chocolate. My will power has been failing and I’m finding it impossible to stick to the plan. That has caused a gain in weight over the last three weeks.

Working from home too has put a slight kibosh on things like exercise. I’m not getting my daily steps in and while there really isn’t time or space to attempt a Joe Wicks workout. 

I have taken the dog for a walk in the morning but a 20 minute walk with the old girl only gets me half a mile as she’s slow and stops to sniff at everything every three yards.

Walking has been possible and around here, there are plenty of routes to wander through. I’ve managed two or three walks since I’ve been here but it will have been three weeks tomorrow since Mum went into hospital after her fall and that’s all I’ve done. 

Wenvoe wander

Tomorrow is another day and this weekend is a Bank Holiday and the weather is set fair. I’m going to try and get out to go for a short walk each day while I’m off work. It’ll be an hour and obvs I’ll be following the social distancing rules. Keeping two meters apart and will be on my own. Hopefully, this will be a start to keeping me on the straight and narrow and will keep me out of the fridge! 

So I weighed this morning. Clearly an unofficial weigh in. Last week I had put three pounds on and this week, I’ve put on another pound so it’s four pounds on in the last two weeks.

It’s not bad as it goes really but it is a gain rather than a loss so I’m still hovering around in the 18 stone bracket. 

Weight Gain / Loss Total
18st 11lbs +4lbs  10st 0.5lbs

We’ll see how this next week goes. Still no sign of the lockdown being lifted so it’s another week of home working and Wenvoe, 

I’ll do my best to take better care of myself and try to increase my will power.

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