Lockdown: Week Four.

I’m turning back into a lump of lard. This social distancing and working from home is a right pain in the arse quite frankly. 

I’ve been so lazy and my food discipline has completely gone out of the window.  Bread, chocolate, butter, curry, you name it, it’s gone in my mouth. Not living at home has really destroyed my plans.

I suppose that the issue is that we can pull it back. Once the world is back to normal, I will be able to get back into the habit and look to get back into the plan and to optimise my food.

I’ve had a couple of walks this week. One two hour wander that was nearly seven miles. The others have just been short walks over to the shop or with Holly dog over to the park. 

Easter weekend however was a bit of a shocker. I went home for a short while to get hold of some bits and pieces. I brought home some beers and my Playstation (I’ve missed No Man’s Sky!) 

Good Friday was therefore a good day. Mum’s friend Alex brought some soup and some little choccies. They didn’t last very long. A couple of beers downed in the afternoon, in the sun, reading Harry Potter and listening to AC/DC. Great but more calories than I should have been eating.

Saturday was the day I was going to turn it all around. I thought it would be nice to go for a walk. I completed 6.8 miles from Wenvoe to Dinas Powys via Michaelston-le-Pit and Cwm George. I was cream crackered and my feet are still aching but it didn’t stop a gain this week.

My weight has gone back up over 19 stone and that’s not great but I suppose it has to be expected. My exercise is poor, my diet is poor as is everything at the mo.

It can be pulled back after the lockdown is over but if that’s another three weeks then it’s going to be a huge effort to maintain and I’m not quite sure how I’m going to be able to do this. 

Weight Gain / Loss Total
19st 2lbs +5lbs  9st 10.5lbs

Come on Phil. Try harder. 🙁

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