Lockdown: Week Six

Again, apologies are needed as I didn’t get around to posting last week. Honestly, I just didn’t really have anything to tell you all.

It has been a bit of an odd couple of weeks, not least because of Covid-19 and the lockdown.

I had a long weekend this last weekend. I’m still at the Mum’s and I’m still working from home. The working day has been reduced to six hours so it’s been a bit strange taking to different hours. The 8 to 5 has become an 8 to 3 or a 9 to 4 or a 10 to 5. 

Work have a few more people on the phones so the pressure has been relieved slightly but it’s still a bit odd being on my own. I realise that I know more than I give myself credit for which is unusual.

I did have a couple of wanders. I had a fairly long walk, not as far as my Easter weekend walk but it followed most of the same route. There are some wonderful locations around Wenvoe and Dinas Powys. The salmon leaps at Michaelston are very impressive in the sun.

The diet is still non-existent. I’ve done better this week. I’m cooking more stuff from scratch, rather than having pre-packed foods. I’ve made a bolognese and a cottage pie all quite SW friendly and I am trying to limit the bread I’m having. No toast in the morning just cereals. 

I wandered again on Monday, a nice walk behind Wenvoe. Up hill and down dale again. Was a nice wander and I plan to do that one again. I know that it will take me to a burial chamber but I may need more than an hour for that one.

According to the substitute Scales of Doom, I have lost a couple of pounds this week. I am impressed but it may just have been the weight of my trousers! Still, can I keep it going into next week? I’d like to get back into the 18 stone bracket again.

Weight Gain / Loss Total
19st 1lbs -2lbs  9st 10lbs

Time will tell I suppose.

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