Lockdown: Week Seven

Here we go, yet another week in lockdown and another gain on the replacement scales of doom. 

Yes, I know a gain again. It’s so very bad and I’ve put on nearly a stone now since this lockdown began.

Amazing really how hard it is to lose but so damn easy to put back on.

I know that I will get back onto the plan once the lockdown is over and I will keep my mind on the fact that it won’t be long before we get back to a physical group. A virtual world really doesn’t do it for me to be honest and I know it should be the way forward in these trying times.

I’m still at the Mum’s and food is very available. I think part of the reason that I’ve managed to lose so much weight is that I was in a position to make a huge batch of grub and would have the same food day in, day out. Potatoes, chicken and chilli is very much the way my week went. A very limited budget made for limited food and that’s possibly the secret to the loss.

It was a bit tricky at the start of the year, the weight went on at Christmas and New Year but it was on it’s way back down, pound by pound but it was heading in the right direction.

I realise that I don’t have any real excuses for not watching what I’m scoffing but it’s just happening. Not knowing how long this is going to continue for is a bit scary and knowing that I really was trying for two years makes me wonder if I have really given up on losing more.

I think that my mindset will change when more normality resumes and I genuinely hope that it happens sooner rather than later.

I have had a couple of walks this week and as it’s a Bank Holiday on Friday, my intention is to take a longer walk than normal. The weather is set fair so that should be an interesting wander.

So it was a four pound gain this week after last weeks two pound loss and that was a bit disappointing but not altogether a shock. 

Can I stay off the crap and can I lose next week? Doubt it but hey, who knows.

Let’s see what Uncle Boris says on Sunday.

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