Lockdown: Week Eight.

Another week into Lockdown here in Wales and whilst things in England have been slightly relaxed (it appears with parts of the populace taking the mickey), I’ve spent the last weekend working from home again. The plus side being that my car is now getting two months to the tank which isn’t a bad thing I suppose!

I know I’m a bit late with this update. Last week was a maintain so my weight hasn’t gone anywhere. I don’t think that I got a walk in at all last week. I have to push myself to get out and go anywhere these days. The weather didn’t help and I know that it’s an excuse that I shouldn’t try to use. As the immortal Billy Connelly says “There’s no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothes!” He’s not wrong but then at the moment, living away from home, I’m not really prepared for bad weather.

I’m not sure if I’ll ever go home again. I’m discussing moving back in with the mother permanently. It’s really frying my brain. I’ve lived alone in Thornhill for the last 26 years and I have a home there that is unbelievably cheap. If I move here then I have to give that up.

I have to move all my stuff out and it’s amazing how much you can accumulate over the years. Lots of photo’s on the walls. A suite of furniture, a kitchen full of white goods, bedrooms full of clothing and memorabilia. Stereo equipment, telly’s and computers, a cupboard under the stairs with camping gear and other items. CD’s, books and DVD’s out of my wazzoo! It scares me just thinking of the logistics and how to separate out what I want from what can be scrapped.

Saturday’s Wander. The Salmon Leaps, Michaelston-Le-Pit

If I leave Thornhill and move here, I know that when the inevitable happens that due to my Stepfathers shortsightedness, I will never inherit this house. I will have to move out of here and that could literally be in a few months to a few years. I won’t be able to stay here and I won’t be in a position to buy the house back.

It’s such a difficult decision. We have got extra care in for the Mum so she gets a Carer come in in the morning, one at around lunchtime and another around teatime. I’m really thankful for those visits but am worried for Mum’s ability to do things for herself. 

We need to try and get her an appointment with the GP to discuss her memory as it’s getting worse. She get’s very confused by simple stuff like the date. TV Remote controls she can’t use. We have an all in one remote but she won’t be able to use it and she’s given up all together with her Smartphone. 

She spends a lot of the day asleep in her chair. My Nan used to do the same but up until her passing, she was still quite with it. This really worries me. Any advise or thoughts would be greatly appreciated. (Auntie Rosie! 😉 ) 

Anyway, back to what this blog is about, my weight. Since lockdown it’s only gone up. I can put this down to an easier availability of food. It’s really down to me and my lack of interest in cooking or taking the time over what I’m eating rather what’s available to eat. 

I’ve done a shop at Tesco this weekend, due for delivery later this evening and I can’t believe that I’ve managed to leave of tinned tomatoes for a spag bol. Got everything else so I can make a cottage pie out of the mince beef and can probably use the mince for something else but I’m kicking myself again. It’s such a pain in the @rse. My memory needs to be looked at too.

I hope the rest of the week goes well and of course I’ll update you in a few days. 

Take care.

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