Lockdown: Week Nine.

It just seems to go on and on, feeling like a lifetime spent away from my mates and a very special friend.

Not much has happened since my last update earlier this week. I do seem to have got a touch of laryngitis or something as I have a sore throat and my voice is going. I don’t have any other symptoms. No temperature, cough or headaches, just the voice.

It hasn’t helped that I’ve spent a lot of time talking to people on the phone today. A bushel of calls but that’s all part of the job. 

Weight wise, I’ve put on another two pounds this week. That’s a whole stone on since lockdown began.  Nine weeks in and I just cannot wait for this to be over. 

I really do want to get back onto plan but it’s not happening whilst I’m here. 

I have four days off work for the Bank Holiday weekend. I’m hoping to do a few walks but the weather doesn’t sound great and I’m not feeling 100%

Sorry for the short update. I hope I’ll have more to report next week.

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