Bit miffed.

As the old saying goes, you can’t win them all. So this week has been a mixed bag of triumph and disaster.

The good included my passing probation at work and not being tempted by an amazing slab of cake at the coffee house when I had my appraisal. I had a cup of tea instead!

There may be a good opportunity to use my Excel skills coming up at work so I’m looking forward to the remainder of 2019 there. Very optimistic which is very unlike me.

I also got to go and see the new Avengers Movie too. My god what an amazing film. It’s incredible how they put these things together. What an incredible art form. I think I’d be lost without a trip to the cinema every now and again.

So there were some ups but a lot of downs. Friday was a team afternoon out. That included food, beer and rum and rum and rum. Not fantastic at all. Saturday involved Rugby, beer, burgers and err rum. Sunday was not too bad but there was a very tasty but probably highly syn’d M&S lunch.

I’ve not done much walking this week either. I have done two walks, one around here and the other around Roath Park. So I have covered a few miles this week but not the distance covered last week.

So it wasn’t a surprise when the Scales of Doom registered a maintain for this week. I knew that the weekend was going to have been exceptionally damaging. I had every intention of being better than I was.

WeightChangeTotal Loss
20st 2lb0lb8st 9.5lb

So this weekend is another Bank Holiday. Three day weekend and there’s an afternoon out on Sunday. However I will be the designated driver so there won’t be any alcohol involved.

I’m also thinking of going for a very long wander on the Monday. So if anyone wants to join then let me know and I’ll look forward to enjoying your company.

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