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December 13, 2018

So close!!

Another week closer to the end of the year and we’re another step further along the journey. I started this…

December 6, 2018

Happy Pip…

Another week on the journey and another loss. This is

November 29, 2018

Up a bit.

I spoiled myself this week. After last weeks weigh in, it was time for a bit of a relax and…

November 22, 2018

Another step down…

Most people these days will tell you to take a step up. Step up and be a man. Step up…

November 15, 2018

Down but not out.

God almighty, I’ve had a bit of a nightmare this week. I’ve struggled with my day to day and have…

November 8, 2018

On Fleek for Mr Sleek

So it’s been a difficult week this week. Must admit that my mind isn’t quite up to scratch at the…

November 1, 2018

Yo Yo Yo…

Last week wasn’t really a shock when I put on 4lbs. I knew straight off that I hadn’t had a…

October 25, 2018

Sad face time.

It’s been a bit of a naff weigh in today. The scales of doom have registered a 4lb gain this…

October 18, 2018

A little History

My record of weigh ins over the last 36 weeks. Date Stones Pounds Weight in Pounds Weight 22/02/2018 28 11.5…

October 18, 2018

A Stunning Six

I set a target for my weight loss when I started this plan with Slimming World. I planned to lose…