Target Acquired…

So, firstly an apology to Jennie. I couldn’t wait for you to get back from holiday!

I’ve been feeling a bit low again this week. Nothing I can really put my finger on again but I think the weather having turned a bit grey and dull has had an affect on my mood. 

I’m convinced at the moment that things are about to go monumentally chests skywards. There’s a sense of foreboding that I just can’t seem to shake. 

My food week hasn’t been too bad. I had a lovely meal out with the Mum on Sunday. A lovely roast dinner with all the trimmings. Apart from that then it’s been the usual chilli and shed loads of boiled spuds. I really need to sit down with the recipe books and try and figure out a menu for the week. I just can’t plan that far ahead at the moment though! 

Exercise this week has been non existent. My walking buddy has had a few busy days so I’ve just not got out. Combined with the weather meant that I did get an hours wander in on Tuesday evening but that was about it for the week.

I will definitely ensure that I get out an about more next week. There’s a mates birthday to go to on Saturday. I’m not sure if I’ll drink or take the car yet. I may go and drive, just to save a bit of moolah. 

So, back then to the Scales of Doom. My head has been a bit iffy this week so I really wasn’t expecting anything tonight. I was convinced that I had put on again. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that I’d lost two pounds this week. 

That is my Nine stone award. It’s my target. I set that when I started in February 2018. I’m there. 

Weight Change Total Loss
19st 10lb – 2lb 9st 1.5lb (127.5lbs)

I was asked in group what motivates me. To be honest, I don’t really know. I have completely changed my mindset about food. I know I can avoid certain foods but if I do want something, I know that I can and I know that I can limit and control the amount that I’m eating. With my 50th birthday on the horizon, I didn’t want to get to the half century, fat and unhappy. I’ll get there thinner and unhappy but hey at least I stand a better chance of getting there in the first place.

I’ll set a new target next week. How does 17 stone sound?

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