The Magnificent Seven

I can’t tell you how long I’ve waited to get to use this headline! Seven seemed such a long way off and it felt over the last few weeks that I was never going to hit the mark.

The week started well enough. I thought that I was going well but then a visit to my Mum put pay to that. She still had a load of Christmas goodies in the house. (She probably still does!) So I helped her out with getting rid of them.

That did mean that when I left, I left with a tin of shortbread biscuits. Well, someone had to. So I really thought that what I’d do this week again was to put on again.

I’ve not been so great with my counting of syns this week. I am searching the internet for a program that I can use to log my daily syns easily. I know that the Slimming World app can do that but there’s something about the way it’s designed that I’m not overly happy with.

I may have to have a play with my website skills and have a look at programming a system myself. I could build it in to this website so there’s a new bit of geekyness for me to play with over the next few months. But if there’s a program that you use or know of then let me know in the comments below and I’ll check it out. (I may set up a review and a few links to them if they’re useful.)

Anyway, this week was a four pound loss. That’s so pleasing! After Christmas and New Year, I really thought that I’d peaked. I was absolutely sure that I’d not lost that amount this week.

I’ve taken on a challenge this month to try and walk for 25 miles in the month. I’ve been drinking a lot more water and have added an extra mile onto my usual walking through the day. I’ve already beaten the 25 miles in just 10 days so next month I may go for 50.

Weight21st 11lbs
7st 0.5lb

But there were a couple of things to celebrate this evening. My first Slimmer of the Week for 2019, My Seven Stone award and I’ve broken the 22 stone barrier. Down down deeper and down.

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