Up a bit.

I spoiled myself this week. After last weeks weigh in, it was time for a bit of a relax and a weekend filled with spectator sports and music.

The only problem with that is that when you watch sport, it’s always nice to have a beer or two. Coupled with that, listening to live music also involves a beer or two. This coupled with the wind down after the sport and live music also involves a beer or two. *rum may also make an appearance.

So I wasn’t surprised this week that the Scales of Doom registered a half pound gain.  I was disappointed but can certainly work hard to get that lost and a bit more on top. It would be nice to get down into the next stone bracket next week and to complete the next stone by Crimbo.

It’s a quiet week with very little planned. No gigs, no sport, no beers. Just 100% concentration on losing that next few pounds.

It’s been a real up and down sort of month but I did come out of it with the Slimmer of the Month award again.

Weight22st 2.5lbs
6st 9lb

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