Happy New Year.

So 2018 has been and gone, it’s fading away a bit like my weight. Soon it will be just a distant memory and what’s past is past.

So we’re three days into 2019 and it’s already been a great few days. After last weeks weigh in, there was going to be no hope of a loss this week. There was a rather interesting New Years Eve (not that I remember much of it!) all except meeting a rather nice young lady and then leaving Fuel Rock Club at 6am with my morning alarm sounding as I walked down Womanby Street!

Given that my hangover was immense after that evening of debauchery, it would be no surprise that I turned to Just Eat for a curry on New Years Day. After a day in bed, and a headache the size of Mars, it was a
fait accompli that the cooking was going to be down to someone else. I’ve never had a nicer Chicken Biryani although perhaps with the right cookbook and non-hangover I may be able to try and make one myself one day.

Still, I was not expecting miracles when I stepped on the Scales of Doom at group this evening. I was expecting that I’d have added a few pounds on at the very least.

I was pleased to see that instead of the dreaded gain, there was a 1lb loss. Aye! A loss? After that evening and slamming the Rumncokes ™, I’ve lost again.

Weight22st 1lbs
6st 10.5lb

So it’s corking to start the new year of with a small loss. I’ll try and maintain this progress and lose more. I have my sights on that seven stone. It will be mine, oh yes, it will be mine.

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