Better late…

First off, I suppose I need to apologise for the site being down this week. My hosting provider was experiencing “high server load”, what ever that means! 

So it stopped me from posting my last week on here. As you may know, I lost three pounds this week. I’ve made a change in my breakfasts this week. Stopped the porridge and went back to the trusty old Weetabix. 

I did a couple of walks last week. I went out on Sunday for a fairly short wander and then did a longer walk on Wednesday evening. 

I’d had a couple of days doing late finishes in work so it was a knackering week but I had Wednesday off to take my old mum to hospital for an appointment.

I’d got home slightly early from that so I decided to just go for a walk. I’d had a online chat with my friend Fiona who has done amazingly well, losing 7 stone. She’s got a whole new lease on life and is doing a lot of walking.

I realise I need to now try and up my exercise. I’ve lost most of the weight I’m going to lose although there are another 3-4 stone to go and I feel that my bod is a bit like most of my t-shirts, a bit baggy!

I probably need to try and tone up a bit. So a bike is probably a good idea. I can do greater distances in the time that I have available. I get a dividend payout from my shares soon so that may be worth a look.



Total Loss

18st 7.5lbs -3 lbs 10st 4lbs

I also had my new gnashers this week. Thanks to our wonderful NHS, I can now smile again with a certain amount of confidence. 

They feel really odd at the moment, although they are just a couple of days in so they’ll take some time to bed in and I’m sure I’ll get used to them in time.

This week, nothing holding me back from losing another couple of pounds. I know it’s do-able. A walk this afternoon (Sunday) and a bit of curry later and who knows! 

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