There’s no F in excuses…

So I’m not going to make any. I’m not going to blame this stinking cold again this week and I’m not going to blame the weather for not going out and walking a few miles.

I’m not going to blame my mates for leading me astray and making me drink a beer and I’m not going to blame my work colleagues for leaving biscuits lying around.

I can only blame myself for this weeks weight gain. I’ve not been 100% on plan and if I’m honest, I don’t think I’ve been 50% there either.

So with that in mind, how did I get through the week?

I started on Friday with a team afternoon out. We went to Escape Reality in town and had a go at an escape room. That was really good fun. An hour went in absolutely no time at all. Of course, we started at the pub at midday.  We did the room and then went on to another pub where we spent the best part of three or four hours just chatting, drinking and playing the Umbrella game. 

There was booze and food of course and that was massively off plan so not a good start. 

Saturday was a better day. Off to a Skindred gig but I was driving so the booze was off the table. Well, until I got to the venue. I did have a beer but it was only the one. I spent the rest of the evening on the soft drinks. However I did have some chips early on in the evening and on the way home decided to stop for a Maccy D. 

I know!!! That’s not going to help. No excuses, I was chuffing starving and at 1am, there’s precious little open. There was lettuce in the burger though! 

Sunday was then a visit to the Mum to watch some rugby. An early start and a shocking Welsh performance put me in a fairly rough mood. We went to Mum’s friends to scope out a motorised recliner to help with her mobility and then home to tea. Steak and chips on the menu. Steak was banging but the chips weren’t SW friendly. More syns and quite probably some crap in the evening too.

Monday, I have no idea at all what I had to eat. Genuinely can’t remember what I had. Not a scooby do so it must have been bad.

Tuesday, I decided to get myself an Asda delivery. This seemed to include a massive amount of beetroot and I have no idea why! Just lots of pickled beetroot and packs of boiled beets. I had chicken and sausages (low fat) 1.5 syns each. A pack of Pepsi Max Cherry cans which I’m working my way through. 

So last night I had some chicken breast with some Jerk Seasoning, beetroot and boiled spuds but I still put 1lb on this week.

Weight Change Total Loss
18st 8.5lbs +1lbs 10st 3lbs

So, what’s the plan for this week? Is there anything that’s going to derail me? Probably.

I’m out on Saturday night for a gig but will drive there so I know that I won’t drink. I’ll avoid the chippy and will look to get a roast dinner on the go on Sunday.

I will also write down what I eat and my good friend Lauren has told me to send message her what I eat so that she can berate me for it! 

I’m on a week of late finishes this coming week which may help me a bit. I’m going to have to make my meals this week so that’ll be interesting.

I do want to try to get out an walk so will try to sort something out before heading to work.

So no excuses this week. I’ll knuckle down and try to lose at least 3lbs this week.

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